Truffle ceremony experiences: 6 great reviews

Truffle ceremony experiences: 6 great reviews

Psiloflora: Truffle ceremony experiences: 6 great reviews

Truffle ceremony experiences: 6 great reviews (Psychedelic therapy Netherlands)

The truffle ceremony experiences of others can help to gain more insight into how truffle ceremonies work.

Truffle ceremony experiences

Read why other people’s truffle ceremony experiences are fascinating and what makes these special experiences so unique. Most people have a fascination with lucid dreams, near-death experiences and psychedelic trips. There is often something in it that is elusive and attracts attention. In addition to this interest in the unknown, reading the experiences of others can make the unknown less scary. Here are ten of them truffle ceremony experiences that stood out to us.

1: Journey to the inner child

 It really is literally a journey, first it slowly became more and more difficult to formulate thoughts, then it became more difficult to come up with words and finally I came into contact with my unconscious. The genius is that your subconscious knows where your difficulties and wounds are, what needs attention and where healing needs to take place. My subconscious brought me into contact with myself as a very small child, at a time when I was not yet saddled with thoughts, the feeling of having to, condemnation and punishment. As a very small me, I was able to experience feelings of sadness, relief, happiness, wonder in pure form, without words, without thoughts, without judgments. I actually couldn’t remember that little me anymore, which feels like lifetimes ago. Little me was happy and joyful, outside, in nature, on the beach, in the playground, playing with his friends and sister. This little boy loved life, could also be sad, but could also be comforted, his feelings were adaptive and not stuck like in my depression. This has shown me a path that I now understand on an emotional level, a bliss in habit, being outside more, playing more. A question that I am now asking for the first time in my life since the trip: what does the little me look forward to? I don’t know exactly yet, but I will pay a lot of attention to this in the near future!

2: Down the rabbit hole

My objective was very clear and defined for this session. Ego death! I wanted to temporarily dissolve my identity in order to live through what is left without Ego. I have a feeling this didn’t work out. And that I’ll have to try again. That does not alter the fact that I once again found the experience extremely valuable. It was very different from the first time. It was physically very difficult and it felt like a deep karmic healing.


In the beginning there was confusion and recognition at the same time. Time has become incomprehensible. There is confidence and curiosity. My rationality is nowhere to be found. My body was constantly contracting and expanding. Relaxation, effort. A lot of input at the same time. Conflicting emotions. The space turns into a forest, the ceiling opens up. An energetic luminous doe hops by. The wall turns into a universe. I see a dancing shiva in front of me and hear different voices addressing me. The voices feel like entities, Gods, ancient Indians or shamans. They speak in an incomprehensible conjuring snake language. Someone next to me in the room is panicking. Marcel calmly goes there and calms him down. He cried out: Help me, I’m dying! I was jealous. The thought passed: “I want to be that guy! I came there to die and the irony is that I didn’t succeed, hahahaha. What a cosmic joke.

The visuals were again very beautiful. Radiant splendor of transparent colors. I see Alex Gray’s “net of being” before my eyes. I felt a soft breeze against my skin several times. Sensual. Colors are intense, sounds are deep. Everything is a breathing work of art of radiant splendor. But I notice that there is still an awareness that there is an “I” having an experience. I wouldn’t expect that with a real ego death.

The coming down takes a very long time. I still get a 2 hour laugh from 11pm-1am. There’s nothing funny about it, it’s a release from the trip. When I wake up in the morning, a black hand tries to strangle me for a split second. I don’t worry about it anymore. It’s not scary. I laugh and take note of it.

All in all very valuable experience.

3: Beautiful visuals and insights

During the trip I really enjoyed the hallucinations and the changing sensations in my body at various stages. Loes and Marcel were constantly present and this gave a pleasantly safe feeling. Especially when one of the participants experienced a bad trip, it was very reassuring that I didn’t have to worry about that person at that moment.

After sobering up again, there was enormous fatigue, but above all incredible relaxation that lasted several days to perhaps a week. At first, I didn’t really feel like I had gotten all the answers in my search for direction, growth, and letting go of bad habits. Although even then I was very happy with the beautiful visuals, incredible sensations and interactions that I had seen and experienced. It was only much later (one to two months) that I noticed that little by little I gained enormous insights from the session. Even now, 10 months later, I notice that I have changed enormously in a positive way and that this actually fits perfectly with the predetermined themes that I had prepared for the session.

Truffle ceremony experiences

4: Liberation and cuddling

What an experience. By drinking the first drink, I said (within myself) to my body: I trust you. I was immediately affected by this, because I could feel that my body appreciated this. (don’t ask how I felt that, but I felt that) And gave me back: yes, I can guide you through this, how nice that you leave this to me Removed link


The music that was already playing upon arrival now became more and more part of my experience. After about 20 minutes I lay down on a bed. The theme for this session was Liberation. You were free to express your thoughts about this and whether or not to include this in your session. I could relate to this theme and aligned my intentions with it. My intention for the session was: I want to free myself from my traumas.


Different pieces of music alternated. At one point I felt immensely comforted by the music. But was I comforted by the music or did the music serve to open/unveil my ability to comfort myself? The latter was the case and that was quite a revelation. If that applies to comfort, then it applies to so much more.


To feel that I am not doing anything so crazy (in life / in my life) is really different from thinking this.

To feel that my mother is not doing anything so crazy is really different from thinking this.

Feeling that your child’s energy is coming back is really different from daydreaming about it.


Once I felt my child energy, I enjoyed this for sooooooooo long. What fun I had. In addition, I felt how cozy and sweet I am. No trauma was discussed. Feeling my child energy coming back was proof of the beginnings of liberation. (Don’t know/feel yet how far the session has brought me in my liberation. I will experience that in my daily life)


This weekend I was with my mother. And I gave her a hug. Giving that hug was already an important moment during the session. My mother has never been hugged before. And instead of only finding that sad for her and also finding it sad for myself (because she always hugged me very woodenly/robotically), I was now able to feel and realize the following. Who am I to deny my mother the hug she may desperately need? Especially when I know better than anyone what a good hug feels like. Like a child can. That really touched me during the session. I had decided not to invest any more energy in her. It was now my turn. Yet, as I lay there on that little bed and felt all the love I have to give, it suddenly became a no brainer. Once I sobered up again, I became quite restless/nervous at the thought that I was actually going to do this, but as time passed I only became calmer. It really became a beautiful moment between us. I have already really benefited from the session and only 1 week has passed.

5: Truffles against chronic pain

It seemed as if my brain was being cleaned up, everything that was burdensome was being cleared away, if I could and especially wanted to let it go, and I wanted that 100% . Preparation was very important for that. So the mindset.
The next few days after the session I noticed that I had lost a lot of automated, annoying reaction patterns. The memories were still there of how I reacted before the session, but the feeling was not there. Now it is important to remain mindful and not fall back into the old pattern due to mere memories. My goal: radical acceptance of my disabling pain situation, which I probably cannot change much despite many, many, many forms of therapy, I have come a big step closer. It may get better, but it doesn’t necessarily have to. My pain is no better now than before the session, I can deal with it better. It’s like a curse has been lifted from me, even though I didn’t know I was bewitched. And that curse was not the pain itself but the eternal thought of the pain.

6: Saving a girl and trauma

I went on a journey through my own brain. I followed a girl in the dark. “Back here or maybe here” she kept running forward and I instinctively kept following her because I saw that she was scared, I wanted to save her. It was completely dark, she hid behind the next wall that appeared all the time. As if she wanted to hide from something or someone but she kept running. I moved faster and faster in bed as she moved faster and faster. I ran after her.

Until one moment I suddenly felt very anxious, abandoned and alone. Nothing seemed smaller and everything seemed bigger.

And BOOM! I kept moving in my bed under the blanket, running for 3 hours, puffing, moaning, sweating, crying, laughing, feeling, hitting and processing. Everything had to be felt. I was reliving my trauma and I was there now. I lay in all kinds of corners on my bed and turned in all directions. I tried to fight and run for what I was worth. The spasm started to become severe in my left leg. Then I had to feel what I couldn’t reach in an attempt to make every fiber my own again. For 10 minutes I lay with my left leg up in the air shaking out the spasm, thinking, moaning and screaming.

And suddenly I could make it stop. Purely by realizing that everything that has a beginning must also have an end. Everything you can think of. It had to end at some point.

Then suddenly there was light again. What I could no longer see at first, what I had lost. I can suddenly feel all the good energies again and I see all the people I care about. They all give me positive energy. I even feel the energies of deceased people like my grandfathers. I can also feel their positive energy. Maybe because they were still alive during my accident.

I felt things that I haven’t felt since my accident: A primal human anger that wanted to get outside. Screaming and hitting my pillows.
My body didn’t allow me to get really angry anymore to protect myself. One blow to the head and it’s over immediately. This was not allowed to happen again. I know this now. Now I can deal with this.

The girl I heard, followed and wanted to save in my trip was the girl I tried to help on July 1, 2013.

I was able to look outside of time for a moment. Everything and every moment happens an infinite number of times. I have seen a room with countless doors where the same situation is happening in each door. The same moment, the same time and endless options and possible outcomes. One choice can change everything. This has given me the insight that it is precisely because of this that I can determine my own fate, and that I am largely in control of my own fate. I consciously choose the good. The option of light and not darkness.

I have been able to explore the darkest sides within myself to now know that there is always light behind it.

And all by following that girl who whispered so sweetly. That girl from 2013.

I have never been afraid. But it sure was scary.

I no longer have any regrets (what happened to me) after this session, because I now know that my intentions were really good when I tried to help the girl. I remember that again. I wanted to help her and save her and then it happened to me. Just like it suddenly happened to me during the trip when I followed the girl and ultimately wanted to save her.
I doubted this until my trip because I couldn’t remember it.

I am so happy that I know this again, I cannot describe it.

So all in all I am very excited, happy and satisfied with what this experience has brought me. I didn’t expect it to be so intense. It was really hard work. It’s really the most absurd thing I’ve ever experienced. Intense is an understatement. That this is possible, wow! But by not being afraid, trusting myself and being curious, I succeeded. I can now set new goals and get started with new connections that have been made.

A few days after my trip, I am still discovering new things and wondering what the future will bring me.

My mother told me when I told her my experience, and told me about that ancient man, who said I saw ‘old Thomas’ before the accident and heard him talking. I find this very special.

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