LSD Therapy Netherlands

LSD therapy

LSD therapy and goals

When someone undergoes a LSD therapy session it’s most of the times because they want to become a better version of theirselves. LSD therapy can be used for the following treatments and achievements:

  • Addiction treatment ( gambling, porn, smoking, alcohol, coke and other substances)
  • Social anxiety
  • Burn-out
  • Higher self-esteem

Legal LSD treatment in the Netherlands

Here in the Netherlands we can make use of a legal version of LSD. It’s called 1P-LSD and this form of LSD is legal because the molecule is slightly different than LSD. Once the body absorbs 1P-LSD it will act as a LSD prodrug. 1)-LSD will be converted to LSD and the experience is the same as if it’s LSD. 1P-LSD needs to be slightly higher dosed than regualar LSD because of it’s higher moleculair weight and the conversion takes a little bit more time.

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