LSD and psilocybin therapy

LSD and psilocybin therapy

LSD and psilocybin assisted therapy to treat addiction, depression, burn-out, PTSD and anxiety disorders

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Truffel ceremonie

Psiloflora: Truffel ceremonie Truffel ceremonie Een truffel ceremonie kan worden ingezet voor meerdere doeleinden. Denk hierbij aan een spirituele ervaring of als therapie. Zo’n truffel ceremonie met therapie als doel kan wordt ook wel truffel therapie of triptherapie genoemd. Een...
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Multiple Sclerosis and psychedelics

Psiloflora: Multiple Sclerosis and psychedelics MS and tripping on psychedelic mushrooms Yesterday I was the tripsitter during a psychedelic trip of a Londoner with MS. The past of this gentleman has not been easy for him and of course that...
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Truffle ceremony

The truffle ceremony In truffle ceremonies the psychedelic psilocybin will be converted into psilocin and that will take somebody to another state of consciousness. During such a truffle ceremony you will be accompanied by skilled and experienced personnel. Extra features...
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Tripsitter Netherlands

Tripsitter in the Netherlands In the Netherlands you can use our tripsitter service that we offer at our location and your location. If you're staying in a city like Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht or Rotterdam we can also do the sessions...
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Psiloflora: Psilohuasca Psilohuasca sounds like ayahuasca Psilohuasca and ayahuasca are both ending with huasca because they contain both the Same MAO inhibitor. Currently ayahuasca is iilegal en psilohuasca is legal in the Netherlands. There are more differences and we’ll going...
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Psilohuasca or psilocybin ceremony?

DMT, psilocybin and MAO inhibitors What is the best psychedelic ceremony for depression, addictions, anxiety or for a spiritual journey. Is ayahuasca better suited than a truffle ceremony and what is psilohuasca or psiloflora? We are going to explain the...
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Heroic dose magic mushroom ceremony

Psiloflora: Heroic dose magic mushroom ceremony Heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms During a heroic dose magic mushrooms ceremony the dose of psilocybin is very high. Here in the Netherlands we only use the magic truffles by the way because of...
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The healing properties of magic and normal mushrooms

Psiloflora: The healing properties of magic and normal mushrooms Magic mushrooms can be healing A part of this article is about the magic mushrooms.In the Netherlands we are allowed to use magic truffles for our truffle ceremonies. Magic truffles are...
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PTSD treatment with psilocybin

Psilocybin treatments? PTSD and depression can be treated with (psychedelic) therapy and lifestyle changes. Often anxiety symptoms are deeply connected to depression since stress indirectly lowers the amount of serotonin. Low serotonin is an indicator of anxiety and depression and...
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Truffle ceremony the Netherlands

Psilocybin ceremony of mushroom session? Do you want to attend a psilocybin, mushroom or magic truffle ceremony and you don't know what to choose? Don't worry! Magic truffles containing psilocybin meaning it's all basically the same. The difference is that...
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Consciousness and psychedelics

Psiloflora: Consciousness and psychedelics Consciousness and LSD, DMT or psilocybin Consciousness is something not easy to understand what it really is. Still, it is a beautiful philosophical and spiritual subject during a truffle ceremony, LSD session or other psychedelic session....
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Vegan diet causes depression?

Psiloflora: Vegan diet causes depression? Vegan food can be healthier People who switch to a vegan diet often get healthier at first, get more energy after a few weeks, gain better weight and start looking healthier. These changes are often...
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