LSD and psilocybin therapy

LSD and psilocybin therapy

LSD and psilocybin assisted therapy to treat addiction, depression, burn-out, PTSD and anxiety disorders

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Tripsitter Belgium

Tripsitter: Tripsitter Belgium Psychedelic coaching in Belgium Psychedelic sessions are currently not legalized in Belgium and we expect Belgium to remain conservative for at least a few more years. Recently there has been a relatively large amount of media attention...
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LSD session

LSD trips for fun? A LSD session can be therapeutic but during the 1960s and 1970s, the use of LSD/acid, became emblematic of the counterculture movement. The young Americans who became known as “hippies” used LSD as a way to...
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MDMA therapy Amsterdam

MDMA therapy as an alternative Persons with the diagnosis PTSD or one of the anxiety disorders, regular or CBT is not enough to reduce the symptoms. This group of unlucky people are now able to make use of MDMA therapy...
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Psychedelic sessions overview

Triptherapie: Psychedelic sessions overview Psychedelic session as therapy LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide), psilocybin, and MDMA (3,4-methylenedioxymethamphetamine) are psychedelics that can be used for therapeutic purposes. Although they have unique pharmacological properties, they all produce profound changes in consciousness and can...
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Truffle ceremony Netherlands

Truffle ceremony The website truffle ceremony was built to showcase the various kinds of truffle ceremonies that we offer.Were combining magic truffles with different additions and we write about their effects, and the benefits of each ceremony. Our psychedelic ceremonies...
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Mushroom therapy

Triptherapie: Mushroom therapy What is mushroom therapy? When people talk about Mushroom therapy they are referring to psychedelic therapy using magic mushrooms. Magic mushrooms contain the active substances psilocybin/psilocin and are used for tripping and during the trip one can...
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The best 5 goals for a psilocybin ceremony

Triptherapie: The best 5 goals for a psilocybin ceremony A psilocybin ceremony is a special experience where you make a psychedelic journey with the help of magic truffles under the guidance of an experienced tripsitter. Magic truffles are natural products...
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LSD session

Legal LSD session in the Netherlands In the Netherlands, LSD is illegal because it is listed on the Opium List as a hard drug with high danger and addictive properties. LSD is classified as a Schedule 1 drug, meaning it...
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Truffle ceremonie

Psiloflora: Truffle ceremonie Truffle ceremonie (bron: PSILOCYBINE THERAPIE NEDERLAND) Truffle ceremony of truffel ceremonie Een truffle ceremonie is een combinatie van Nederlands en Engels voor de woorden truffle ceremony en truffel ceremonie. Het gaat […] Truffle ceremony of truffel ceremonie...
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Magic mushroom retreat

Psiloflora: Magic mushroom retreat Magic mushroom retreat (bron: Paddotherapie) Magic mushroom retreat via Psychedelische therapie Nederland: Psychedelische therapie: Magic mushroom retreat One-day magic mushroom ceremony The best thing about the magic mushroom ceremonies is the ceremony itself. That’s why we...
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Magic truffel ceremony

Triptherapie: Magic truffel ceremony Attending a magic truffel ceremony at Triptherapy Magic Truffles have been found to be an effective tool for those seeking an introspective journey towards their inner wisdom. This journey can be facilitated through a magic truffel...
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Are amino acids causing depression?

Triptherapie: Are amino acids causing depression? Lack of amino acids can lead to depression Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. Multiple amino acids linked together are called peptides and multiple peptides linked together are the polypeptides/proteins or otherwise...
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