LSD and psilocybin therapy

LSD and psilocybin therapy

LSD and psilocybin assisted therapy to treat addiction, depression, burn-out, PTSD and anxiety disorders

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Psychedelic therapy and the use of LSD, Psilocybin or DMT

Psychedelic Therapy Psychedelic therapy is a form of therapy that utilizes psychedelic substances, such as LSD, psilocybin, and sometimes DMT, to help individuals with a range of mental health conditions. These substances have been used for centuries in traditional medicinal...
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Location Amsterdam

Psiloflora: Location Amsterdam Watervilla Excellent Amsterdam Watervilla Excellent is a beautiful location in the hotspot located in the Amstelkwartier in Amsterdam. The Water Villa is finished to a high standard and very tastefully decorated. The modern look and warm atmosphere...
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SSRI and psilocybin

Psiloflora: SSRI and psilocybin Combining SSRI’s with psychedelics like psilocybin Combining psychedelics like psilocybin, MDMA and LSD with psychoactive medication is not recommended. In a number of cases, the combination can be bad for your health and in other cases...
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Here and now with psychedelics

Psiloflora: Here and now with psychedelics Carpe diem In every culture there are one-liners about enjoying the moment and not worrying too much about tomorrow. Every mindfulness training course or Guru will tell you the same thing, that there is...
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Tripsitter Utrecht

Psiloflora: Tripsitter Utrecht Psychedelic guide in Utrecht We’ve got a very good tripsitter who lives in Utrecht. Her name is Loes and she’s very gentle and caring about her customers/clients. In this blog you can read her story and how...
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Magic truffle ceremony 28-05-22

Truffle ceremony theme On 28 May 2022, we will organise an open group truffle ceremony. The theme of this open ceremony is connectedness. If we look beyond the separation that our ego shows us, everything is connected. This psychedelic ceremony...
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Hire a trip sitter last minute

Need a trip sitter? Are you going to use a strong dose of magic mushrooms, magic truffles, DMT, ayahuasca, MDMA , LSD or other hallucinogenic drugs and would you rather have a professional trip sitter nearby to ensure safety? You...
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Drugs therapy

Medicinal drugs as therapy? Drugs are often used to describe addictive street drugs. However, there are many different substances that fall under the nameof drugs. Some fall under drug abuse, addictive substances or medicinal drugs such as cannabis. The way...
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Psychedelic truffle therapy Belgium

Psiloflora: Psychedelic truffle therapy Belgium Psychedelic therapy in Belgium Psychedelic therapy with magic truffles is currently not allowed by the law in Belgium and we expect that Belgium will remain keep the ban for at least another couple of years....
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New psilocybin mushroom ceremonies

Psiloflora: New psilocybin mushroom ceremonies Psilocybin mushroom ceremony Here in the Netherlands we’re using the parts of the psilocybin mushrooms that grow in the ground. This is because our silly law here. The magic truffles are like the potatoes and...
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Magic truffles therapy

Psiloflora: Magic truffles therapy What is magic truffle therapy ? A psychedelic therapy session with psilocybin truffles (scelerotia of magic mushrooms) is what we call magic truffle therapy It’s the converted psilocybin to psilocin that causes a change of consciousness...
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Magic mushroom session

Psiloflora: Magic mushroom session Is a magic mushroom session for you? Everyone is different and therefore everyone has his/her own reasons for choosing an individual magic mushroom session. The reasons vary from therapeutic, spiritual to creative. It is important to...
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