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Psilocybin therapy

Psilocybin therapy or truffle ceremony

Psilocybin therapy can be an indiviual truffle ceremony and a truffle ceremony can be used for psilocybin therapy. The difference is the approach, expectation, setting and the tripsitter (tripcoach or triptherapist). Do you want undergo a psychedelic truffle ceremony just for fun or do you want spiritual, emotional and or personal growth? We can offer it all but we can do so much more than just act as a safe space tripsitter.

Truffle ceremony

During a truffle ceremony there will be a journey to the subconscious. This journey in the subconscious of yourself can be exciting, provide new insights or be used as a very strong therapy against various psychological disorders. With the right preparation and setting during the truffle ceremony we can achieve unprecedented results to grow in life.

How truffles work

After about half an hour the first effects are noticeable. All the senses are going to work better. Colours become brighter, sounds sound intense and it seems as if the whole environment becomes palpable. Depending on the dosage chosen in consultation, there will be more changes in perception. The higher the dosage, the higher the triplevel and effects.

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During the truffle ceremony we will assist you to work towards the predefined goals. During the ceremony we will use aromatherapy, color therapy and music to make the experience run as smoothly as possible.

Individually or as a group

You can choose whether you want to participate individually or as a group in a truffle ceremony. By the way, we achieve the best results with individual sessions. For individual sessions it is of course allowed to have an extra acquaintance present.

You may also put together a group yourself, preferably with the people you trust the most. In some cases it is convenient not to participate individually in a truffle ceremony. Think for example of relationship therapy or other forms of bonding problems.

All our truffle ceremonies take place at your location, in nature close to your location or with us in an accommodation.

More than just a truffle ceremony

Most customers who request a truffle ceremony would like to work on their mental health. A truffle ceremony lends itself perfectly to that, but we’re going beyond that. After registering, you will receive nutritional and exercise advice, possibly in combination with supplements, based on the information you have entered. We do this because the result of a truffle ceremony will be so much better. Together we go for the full profit!

Truffle ceremony with extras

To enrich the truffle ceremony these extras are used during the truffle ceremony.

  1. Aromatherapy
  2. Color therapy
  3. Musical support
  4. Hypnotherapy
  5. NLP

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What to expect from psychedelic therapy

Our clients’ stories often tell a better story than what we can write ourselves. The reviews give a picture of what our customers experience and what they had to do with a truffle ceremony that was all about health.

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