Heroic dose magic mushroom ceremony

Heroic dose magic mushroom ceremony

Psiloflora: Heroic dose magic mushroom ceremony

Heroic dose of psilocybin mushrooms

During a heroic dose magic mushrooms ceremony the dose of psilocybin is very high. Here in the Netherlands we only use the magic truffles by the way because of legal reasons. The psychedelic effects of a heroic dose psilocybin are indescribable and incomprehensible. The awareness of the ego (self consciousness) can be absent for a longer period of time. In this article you can read if a truffle ceremony with a heroic psilocybin dose is something for you.

You can find an overview of all dosages and triplevels here

Psilocybin from magic truffles

Other names we’re using for a truffle ceremony are magic mushroom ceremony or psilocybin ceremony. We use psilocybin containing truffles during a truffle ceremony. A truffle ceremony can be used as a spiritual tool, a new experience or as therapy. Therefore we sometimes speak about magic mushroom therapy, truffle therapy or psilocybin therapy. All these terms have the truffle ceremony as a base.

Effects of the heroic dose of psilocybin

The highest dosage of psilocybin will also give the most effects. This dosage is probably different than you have ever experienced before. There is a significant difference between tripping and tripping on this high dosage. The effects can be compared to a long trip level 5 where the ego death is prolonged. Read more about triplevel 5 and the heroic dosage below.

Trip level 5 (Heroic dose)

Total loss of visual connection with reality, senses no longer no longer work in the “normal” way. A total loss of ego. Users feel themselves merging with space, other objects or the universe. The loss of reality becomes so severe that it is difficult to explain or articulate. This level differs from the other other levels in that the actual universe in which things in which things are located ceases to exist. During this phase there is absolutely no direction possible from the ego. The connection with the subconscious is now at its maximum. There is nothing to hide. It is like a dream that cannot be influenced by you. This phase can give you insights in a way that at first seems incomprehensible. Level 5 trippers often call the trip experiences mystical, the most beautiful experience of their life or just frightening. Especially control freaks find it freaks find it scary in the beginning. It is not wise to start doing level 5 tripping right away without experience of psychedelics.

Heroic dose

A heroic dose of psychedelics will cause a prolonged stay in trip level 5 lasting not minutes but possibly an hour or more. longer. The dissolution of the ego (ego death) for a longer period of time Some compare it to a near death experience and rebirth. Others compare it to a prolonged DMT trip. One thing that is certain is that the connection with the regular reality completely disappears during the peak of the trip. During the coming down of a heroic dose dose there is often talk of a lot of gratitude and love for life.

For whom is the heroic dose truffle ceremony suitable?

A heroic dose truffle ceremony is suitable for those who have used high doses of psychedelics before. If you have never used any trip products (psychedelics) before then it is better to choose for a medium dose truffle ceremony. With some experience, a high dose truffle ceremony is a good choice. A heroic dose truffle ceremony is only a good choice if you have gone “deep” before during for example an ayahuasca, psilohuasca, psilocybin or psiloflora trip/ceremony.

Truffle ceremony Trip level Duration (h) Suitability
Low dose 1-2 2-3 Beginner
Medium dose 3-4 3-5 Beginner
High dose 4-5 4-6 Experience psychedelics
Heroic dose 5 5-8 More experienced

Everyone is different and needs a different approach

Individual or group

You can choose whether you want to participate individually or as a group in a truffle a truffle ceremony. We advise for therapeutic purposes not to make the group not too large. At individual sessions it is of course of course it is allowed to have an extra acquaintance present. to be present.

You may compose your own group, preferably with the people you trust the most. you trust the most. In some cases it is useful not to participate participate individually in a truffle ceremony. Think for example Relationship therapy or other forms of bonding problems.

At your location or at ours?

We are flexible when it comes to the location as long as it is in the Netherlands. Netherlands. So we can perform our individual and small-scale ceremonies at your home, in a hotel or rented Airbnb to perform our individual and small-scale ceremonies. You choose who will participate. At your own location is in most cases In most cases it is more economical, you are then in your own familiar place and you do not have to travel after the after the trip. This can contribute to inner peace during the psychedelic trip.

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You can also make use of our space in Schiedam which has been especially equipped for psychedelic sessions for self-groups of up to 6 people. The Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam (near Rotterdam) can enhance the experience and is especially useful for groups from 3 to 6 persons. If you make use of the Psychedelic Loft in Schiedam you can stay the night.

Read more about the Psychedelic Loft in schiedam here

Advice trip level and type of psychedelics

Would you like to undergo a psychedelic trip for the healing effects or for personal therapeutic effects or for personal and/or spiritual growth? We We can give you an advice about which trip level suits your goal and your experience. experience. Please feel free to contact us using the options below.

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Nowadays chatting via chat apps like Whatsapp and Telegram is the easiest way to get in touch quickly. The phone number we use for these chat apps is 0640898455.

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