Here and now with psychedelics

Here and now with psychedelics

Psiloflora: Here and now with psychedelics

Carpe diem

In every culture there are one-liners about enjoying the moment and not worrying too much about tomorrow. Every mindfulness training course or Guru will tell you the same thing, that there is nothing but the eternal now. “Seize the day”, “YOLO” and be here now are wisdoms that point out that we should enjoy the here and now more and worry less about the future.

Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift. That is why it is called the “present.

In English, today, the present, can also be translated as gift.

Everyday is a gift, so live it
And put your all into it
You got one chance to do this
Trust your faith and don’t you lose it
When darkness comes, bring the light
Look inside your heart, get through the night
Feel the thunder rise inside
It’s time for the fire to reignite
The elements of life can hit you like a freight train
It’s a mind game, in a time frame
Face it and take it
Just believe you can make it
Gotta roar like a lion and choose the path of a champion
You’re fucking indestructible

Lyrics of Hurricane by Ran-D

Knowing is different from doing

Many clients with anxiety-related complaints are excessively preoccupied with the future in order to feel safe. It is a learned pattern that does not give safety, but unrest. The learned patterns in combination with lower levels of neurotransmitters in the brain (GABA, serotonin), cause a negative spiral. Despite the fact that these people know that they can do things differently, they are unable to get out of their fear. These people are too preoccupied with other things than living in the now.

Default Mode Network

The Default Mode Network (DMN) includes brain areas in the cortex that are normally active during rest and is involved in remembering events, social and emotional judgements and future planning. Decreasing the activity of the DMN causes time-awareness to disappear and for people to live more in the here and now. This means that there are no worries or fears about the future.

Reducing the activity of the DMN

To be more in the here and now, you need to lower the (over)activity of the DMN and this can be done in several ways. Experiencing new things and receiving new impressions lowers the activity of the DMN. Anything that requires your complete attention also deactivates the DMN. This includes strength training, sprinting, social activities, forms of meditation and travelling.

Sleeping well and healthy food

Good sleep and a healthy diet have the effect of reducing stress. This indirectly reduces activity in the DMN. Any diet that reduces depression and anxiety therefore helps in combination with other techniques.

Recommended diet for depression and anxiety

Psychedelics and the DMN

Psychedelics are now known for drastically lowering the activity of the DMN, while at the same time allowing new brain connections to be created. This can mean that the new connections outside the DMN take over activity outside the psychedelic state. In this way, psychedelics can reduce anxiety and stress in the long run. At higher doses, the entire perception of time and ego falls away. At this moment, psychedelics are the strongest means to turn off the DMN.

Less activity from the DMN is more living in the now

Give yourself the greatest gift there is and enjoy the here and now. Grasp life with both hands. Life is not just about surviving, it is mainly about living. Reduce your DMN activity by making as many healthy choices as possible. Kickstart your life by using our support in healthy choices and a guided psychedelic session.

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